Being legal

Posted by on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 6:39 am

Our guests will sometimes see our local Conservation Officers in the bush, sometimes on the highway at a road side check site and even sometimes in our yard.  We are pleased that our guests more often than not have a true respect for our abundant resources and a respect for the laws of the land. 

Sometimes a mistake is made and the result is a fine.  We encourage all our guests to know what the law is regarding angling and other aspects of their outdoor adventure.  We do provide all our guests with a summary of fishing regulations and all the laws are available on line here.  Ontario Fishing Regs.  It is best to know the laws yourselves since the summaries do not cover everything.


John Carson-0492

A check back in Ignace after a week in the bush. 

Don’t be surprised to see the “authorities” sometime on your trip. If all is in order, the experience is pleasant and brief. If not it can be costly and awkward.