Between archery and gun season

Posted by on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 7:50 am

Spike bull I called out for a photo op. My only weapon, a camera.

We are right between archery moose and gun moose seasons. Our camps are empty for a day or two. Our archer moose hunters managed 2 moose taken (one on Seseganaga and one on Hilltop) and between the 2 groups they saw 20 moose during their hunt. Not bad for a week of weather not conducive for hunting – windy and wet.

The gun hunters at our north camp (Flindt Lake) where the gun season opened in Sept have come and gone without bagging a moose. They saw moose but didn’t have a fair shot. A little catch and release moose hunting. Maybe next year.
The regular gun season opens this weekend and we will have all our moose parties in the bush by Sat.

Randy and I have been seeing moose almost every flight now. All indications are a great gun hunt next week.

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