Boneless pike fillets

Posted by on Monday, June 2, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Every year I get a lot of inquiries as to how to fillet a northern so that it is boneless. I have to admit, I’ve tried many various methods and am continually searching for a fool proof method such as this one below.
A pike has “y” bones which float away from the spine and as a result are not eaten as much as they should be. Northern Pike are great eating and in the spring when the water is cold many folks actually prefer them over walleye. Many others have never had them because of the problem deboning them. Here is a short video I came across which is about as easy a method as possible to claim boneless fillets from a pike.
Keep in mind that this method of filleting a pike is not a good way for transport but instead for eating at the cabin. For transport, the fish must be measurable, countable and identifiable. This doesn’t allow it to be measurable.
Since our catch and consume policy doesn’t allow fish home this should be of no issue to our guests.