Canada Day – Brrr..

Posted by on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 7:01 am

Canada Day was July 1.  Normally we wear summer attire, battle mosquitos, host BBQs, view fireworks and sit around camp fires.  Yesterday we donned jackets, couldn’t find a mosquito, wished for a warm bowl of soup, cancelled fireworks and lit the wood stove in the house.  By supper time temperatures were a nasty 6 C (42 F) and dropping – many areas of our southern neighbour don’t get that cold on January 1. Hearty as we are, we went for a walk after supper and the dog was alarmed to see his own breath.


A southern neighbour asked if Canada Day is the celebration of when we defeated England.  To set the record straight, we just asked nicely.  And we probably prefaced the request with “We are sorry to bring this up, but…”