Do your part

Posted by on Friday, May 7, 2010 at 10:29 am

It seems that the eco friendly thing to do these days is to be a friend of the environment.  Even though I do eat the occasional granola myself and I have seen more than a few rugged individuals grab a tree while sliding down a wet slope to the lake, I really don’t have much use for tree hugging granola eating environmentalists.  I do however believe there are little things we can do to diminish some of the waste we tend to accumulate.



Particularly, I would like to encourage you to re-consider the amount of bottled water brought into the bush with your gear.  Only a few years ago, we never, and mean never saw any bottled water flown into our lakes.  Now we see bottled water by the pallet load showing up.  Not only does it waste a lot of gas flying water into one of the most pristine areas in North America, but all the plastic garbage is flown out and ends up in land fill.  I would suggest that you bring refillable water bottles and then just boil lake water, let it cool and drink all you want.  The supply is then endless. 

water bottle