Early Spring

Posted by on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 4:45 pm

It is only April 22 and it feels like it should be late May.  We’ve had ice out for over 2 weeks, it is comfortable to work outside in a t-shirt and the first mosquitoes have made their presence known.  There is something about the first batch of mosquitoes that doesn’t seem right.  They are almost as big as our Cessna but don’t make quite as much noise.  If it wasn’t for acute peripheral vision they could easily sneak up on me.  Of course even as large as they are it still takes more than one to knock me over.

Getting to the business at hand, I encourage you to get your reels oiled and line changed in anticipation of some great fishing this summer.  We still have a few openings for June and some great later summer dates available if you feel the need for a second trip or  if you’ve been putting off booking your annual Ignace Outposts trip.

Pierce pike

Karen is quilting this weekend so I will be holding the fort and answering the phone.

I plan to send out a spring newsletter next week so if you are not on our mailing list and wish to receive the update – it will have some good info about planning your 2010 trip – please visit our web site at www.ignaceoutposts.com and sign up for the newsletter.  It is free and easy.  And there is no spam.