Electronics and toys

Posted by on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 7:55 am

We all like toys and guys are by nature are sometimes “gadget guys”.

To help simplify the ever changing and sophisticated  array of electronics made for fishermen keep in mind, that fishermen like fish sometimes fall for the flashiest and most enticing bait.

All of our lakes offer many multiple reef structures, deep holes and drop offs. A portable depth finder is advisable for each boat and will enhance your experience at Ignace Outposts. These devices are handy but not necessarily necessary as our lakes are easy to fish and sometimes the challenge of reading shorelines and searching for holes is fun without electronic help. If you do succumb to the need to have a depth finder to please note that lead-acid batteries are restricted items when transported by air.

We suggest you use 12 volt dry cell batteries (with capped ends) for your portable finder. Other toys such as color finders, PH gauges and temperature gauges are not really necessary.  Keeping under 100 lbs becomes a challenge when the toys begin to pile up.  You do need food and maybe a beverage to two and that must also fit into the 100 lb weight limit.

GPSs are fun toys and certainly will help you navigate around the lake, but don’t rely solely on them to keep track of your location. Batteries in the GPS may die, but the batteries in your map will last all week. Know how to read it too.  North is “up” following the lines.  If you are heading south, east is on your left.

Hilltop Lake test