Experience counts

Posted by on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 6:34 am

Over the years many of our guests have got to know Randy.  And I can not count the number of times guests have commented on his skill and ability as a pilot.  I think some come here just to fly with him. 


Recently, Randy was awarded a DeHavilland achievement certificate and pin for surpassing 10,000 hours of flying time on one type of DeHavilland Aircraft. The DeHavilland Otter is a Canadian made aircraft designed for bush flying. It is the flagship of Ignace Airways. Randy actually surpassed 10,000 hours several years ago.  Randy has been flying Otters for over 30 years (accident free) and is well known in bush flying circles as one of the most experienced and talented Otter drivers in Canada. Randy began his career in 1976 in Manitoba and besides Northwest Ontario, has flown in Northern Manitoba and the low arctic. Randy never pursued an IFR rating and has flown these special aircraft his whole career. Randy has been our chief pilot training and mentoring our other pilots since 1988.  Of course Randy has several thousand hours on our other aircraft too. 

On behalf of Karen and the rest of the Ignace Airways Team, Congratulations Randy!  We are pleased that you are part of the team.

And tomorrow (I gave him today off) he will be back in his office (the front left of the Otter) transporting our guests to and from our Ignace Outposts camps. 

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