Father and Son trip

Posted by on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 8:38 am

Jeff and Jeff Warwa spent a few quality days at Metionga Lake last week. The father and son had done the canoing thing and this time decided to to try an Outpost. They booked their trip to Metionga Lake at the Minneapolis show and showed up at Ignace with great expectations.

From their reports they were not disappointed. With the adventurous spirit of canoeists, they managed to portage to lakes not often fished but certainly enjoyed the convenience of a hot shower and comfortable cabin.

There can no better way to spend father and son time than a few days at a fly in outpost. The distractions of everyday life fade quickly with the bonding and companionship only a father and son can experience.

Take your father or son fishing. It is worth it!

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