Fine Fishing

Posted by on Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 11:12 am

Three fine northern Pike caught and released by Rich Hansen and his sons on Seseganaga Lake.

Without a doubt, fishing is the primary reason our guests return to Ignace Outposts year after year. Walleye, northern, lake trout and smallies are the prime targets. So far, Seseganaga Lake has kicked out the biggest northerns.

The walleye factory Metionga has not disappointed either.

We’ve had many nice fish and satisfied guests at Irene Lake, Flindt Lake and Hilltop Lake as well but since I don’t get much opportunity to fish myself, I must wait for pictures to arrive of fish caught on these lakes. When they come, I’ll post them.
If you’ve been up this summer and have any “great” shots, fire them up and I’ll post the pictures.

Marcel, our Beaver pilot, just returned from Metionga Lake where he reported that between loading and unloading the airplane he took three casts off the dock and caught 3 walleye. Maybe I’ll have to market that as an economy trip. No boat and motor, just fish.

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