Fish camp guide part 1

Posted by on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 8:05 am

The next few posts are designed to help those “on the fence” about fitting in at an outpost camp. It is easy for the veteran at Ignace Outposts to manage complex outpost behavior and dress code with nary a thought about the novice who is a little unsure about the proper etiquette and decorum to be exhibited while experiencing an outpost vacation.
Brad Bence (Braun)
Social Aspects
Social aspects of an outpost trip are primary in fitting in. With a little advice, you can take part in the socializing that goes on at the outpost once the fisherpersons are back at camp. If your friends brought you for your charm and good looks, then your best bet is to smile and be charming. Fishers will return to camp with tales of glory and may also take a few moments to regale you with the odd woeful story of the one that got away. Grin and grimace as required but under no circumstance should you demonstrate any disbelief. A helpful hint in fish tale department, is make to your contribution to the event only slightly bigger, better, scary, helpful, skilful or humorous than the previous story. As the others contribute, you too should share your embellishment in tiny bits. No one likes a braggart. My final thought; let either the boss, or the guy paying your part of the trip (if you should be so lucky) end the session without feeling that you are one up on him.