Fish camp guide part 2

Posted by on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 8:09 am

Learn the language

Most of us are able to communicate in at least one language. In the outpost camp, language takes a beating and sometimes words mean different things, statements become questions and questions become statements. To help familiarize you with some fishing lingo and interpretations, here are some hints. When someone says “Are you gonna eat that?” it is really a statement which means “I’m still hungry”. It is then best to keep your hands away from the fish plate to avoid puncture wounds in the shape of a fork on the back of your hand. Well beyond the witching hour you may hear a statement such as this “I think I’ve had enough for the evening”. The interpretation is really “My appendages are not working properly, would you pour me another?” Unless your coordination is as bad as his it is only a courtesy to oblige.
Here is some help with a few fishing terms. At an outpost “crank” has nothing to do with your demeanor at 5 AM. Don’t even think about making sandwiches for “shore lunch”. The “brown jug” is a location on Metionga Lake not a beverage holder, and never get complacent and refer to your wife as the “anchor” once you are back home.