Fish camp guide part 3

Posted by on Friday, December 13, 2013 at 8:17 am

Dress code


Most of the civilized world lives close to or has access to a wilderness outfitting store. None of these stores has offered me any compensation for mentioning their names so I won’t. If you chose to spend lots of dollars at these stores for outpost clothing, feel free. Few rules apply regarding dress at an outpost camp. Color coordination is a moot point as is the fact that it may be the same outfit as last year. It only takes a day or two to sense (there are 5 senses and I’m sure more than one will be in play) what the others in camp prefer to do regarding clean clothes. Try to fit in. The reality is, except for a very few who may bring their own “anchors” to camp, changing underwear (or even wearing underwear) and changing clothes daily is not so common at an outpost. My experience is that what is worn at camp… is best packed in an airtight container for the trip home. Either that or tie it on the roof of the car. It is also advisable to run it through the wash at least once before storing it away until next year. And unless you want me to be writing about your group for a few blog posts, leave the togas at home.