Fish camp guide part 5

Posted by on Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 8:23 am


At an Ignace Outpost fly in camp you will likely be wearing a hat for several hours of the day. It may be the lucky fishing hat, or it may be simple shelter from the sun or rain. From what I’ve been told, hats will flatten your hair in some spots and stand it straight up in other spots. Don’t stress over this. I realize there are fortunate few like me who never worry about their coiffure. But there are those, even of the fishing persuasion, that do. The outpost is not a place for this. It is certainly bad outpost form to show up perfectly coiffed après fishing. Forget about the mirror and let the do fend for itself. I am sure the odd underling may snicker if you showed up at the office with an outpost do, but you are not at the office. Just stick the hat back on and let the follicles relax a bit. They deserve a vacation to.

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