Fish For Free!

Posted by on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 7:42 pm

Our camps are located throughout the Northwest so I have prepared a Google map with pictures of the various lakes, fish, and facilities. You can find the map here:

Ignace Google Map

Book mark the maps and feel free to send the link to your friends. We still have our referral discount so if your buddies book their own group you can receive a discount on your own trip.

We call it Fish for Free!

If you refer a new group of 4 you get a third off on your regular trip this year. If you refer a new group of 6 you get half off with your regular group this year. We call it our “Fish For Free” discount since 12 new guys means you go as our guest with your regular group. Of course we have to know about the referral so both you and the new group should mention to us about the referral when they book and deposit. (No group is booked until deposited.)

Not too complicated but it sure can help ease the sting of the lower US$.