Float plane safety

Posted by on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 5:55 am

Flying off the water provides an experience slightly different to flying jets off paved runways.  I have flown many times in jets and notice that very few passengers pay any attention to the passenger safety briefings provided by the cabin crew.

On board our aircraft we give passenger briefings outlining emergency exits and procedures and it is hard not to pay attention when the captain is talking directly to you.  Especially if he asks a question or two expecting an answer.  Even so, much of what is said goes in one ear and out the other sometimes picking up speed in between.

Similar to the big guys, we also have passenger briefing cards available in the aircraft with the idea passengers would actually look at them.


I took my 15 month old granddaughter for a flight and even she enjoyed the briefing cards.  Nice pictures for her and if you are flying with us, great safety info for you.