Fridge replacement

Posted by on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 12:21 pm

Ever wonder how all the equipment and supplies get into our camps? There is a great deal of behind the scenes stuff many guests don’t get to see. Keeping up with a number of remote camps is a full time job. Part of the day to day operations at Ignace Outposts is maintaining working and functional equipment – from fridges to boats.

Today, we (Marcel and Derek) made a special flight to Flindt Lake to swap out a non functioning fridge with a new one.

We keep two fridges at most camps not just for added convenience and cold storage but mainly to insure a little redundancy if something ceases to function. Since our camps are not accessible by the “Maytag” guy, we have to have a back up plan. A malfunctioning fridge doesn’t become a major emergency when there is a second one to keep food cool. If one quits, as mechanical things tend to do once in a while, we have a back up already in place and then we can make repairs or replace an offending unit when we can.

Now we’ll check out the non functioning fridge at our shop and repair it if possible or send it off to the great fridge depository at the local dump.

Just another day on the job!

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