Getting ready for spring

Posted by on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 8:39 am

I’m often asked, “What do you guys do in the winter?” Well, it is actually quite busy around here in the winter months. Karen and I spend a lot of time traveling to sport shows, attending meetings, working on marketing etc. The real work though is done in the shop.
We are fortunate to have a good shop and some really talented AMEs working with us. Marcel and Joe keep the fleet in top shape by working hard all winter preparing the aircraft for another summer of reliable operation. Marcel works all winter, and Joe comes in part time to give Marcel a hand. Both are licensed and experienced AMEs. Heck, Marcel even had me in the shop yesterday helping prepare the Beaver floats for paint. This winter the Beaver received an overhauled engine, and a little refurbishing on the floats replacing some worn parts and a little paint. The Otter spent several weeks in the shop for its regular winter medical and the Cessna was prepared for another season. It is our thinking that good winter maintenance is necessary for save and reliable flying in the summer.
In another week or so the aircraft will all be test run and last minute adjustments will be made. Once the open water comes, Marcel will spend some time flying the Beaver while Joe will head off to Seseganaga Lake to spend the summer as our camp attendant.

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