Ghost of the north

Posted by on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 6:13 am

It seems photos I can use on my blog come in spurts. Since I am not at the lake with my guests (some say that’s what make our trips so appealing) I must often rely on guest photos to enhance my blog.



The Wagner party retuned from Seseganaga Lake last week and gave us some great shots of a Bull Caribou they watched on the bay north of our cabin on Ses.

Seeing these magnificent and relatively rare in our area animals is an opportunity everyone should have but not many do. The caribou in the Seseganga Lake area are some of the most southern natural herd of woodland caribou on the continent. Unlike the barren land caribou these animals do not travel in herds of 1000’s or more. They prefer solitude and are often referred to as the “ghosts” of the forest. They are often seen momentarily and then when you look again they are gone… like a ghost.