Good thinking

Posted by on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 6:22 am

Beer seems to be a staple for many groups on a fly in trip.  Cold beer is best in my humble opinion.  


Much like your fridge at home, if you fill a fridge with warm beer and then open and close the door 30 times an hour, the beer will never get cold and your food will not be cool either.  Putting your beer in a cooler with ice insures cold beer very quickly and frees up fridge space for the food.  It doesn’t take much ice and the ice lasts a long time. 

We do have fridges in our cabins but they can not cool beer when 6 guys keep opening the door for a little liquid refreshment.  But if you prefer warm beer and warm food just jam the fridges full and keep opening the door.

Something else to ponder, ice is ice and there is no advantage to throwing out ice to make room for more.