How it is Done

Posted by on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 11:46 am

As many are aware, we are one of the few fly-in outpost camp operators that still endeavour to have ice in our ice houses for our guests in the summer.   This is just another service we offer our guests. 

In Ignace ice is cheap.  In the bush, in July or August,  it is worth more than gold. 

The ice in the ice houses does not get there on its own.  There is a lot of work involved in cutting it from the lake and packing the ice house.  Just traveling to these remote camps is a challenge and best left to the professionals.  The last few years we could not get ice in all our ice houses due to weather and other conditions.  This year Paul and the guys are making a valiant effort to fill icehouses at our lakes, but may not achieve our goal due to such a heavy snow pack and slush.

Seseganaga Lake is the easiest to get to and the ice is done there now.  It is amazing to consider that last year at this time the lakes were open. 






Paul is a trapper and if he could, would live in the bush.  He has been “doing” our ice for many years.  Regular guests often see his comments in our cabin log books about his winter adventures.  The guys who help him are usually nursing sore muscles by the time the day is done.



Next on the list is Metionga and then the other lakes.  The guys will do what they can.

Maybe now it is evident why I am more than a little upset when ice is removed from the ice house just to replace ice already in the coolers.  And why I also insist that ice is not removed from the cabin to “cool off” beverages for the ride home.