Ice is all out

Posted by on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 12:01 pm

After a weekend of wet, rainy, cold and windy weather, we are getting back to our camp start ups.  We are again, few few days behind, but Joey is almost ready for guests at Metionga Lake for Thursday, and Randy is going to get Joe up to Seseganaga Lake later today.

Things will move fast for the next few days getting everything ready to go.

Our first guests just left Irene Lake today and said they experienced some of the worst opening weekend weather they’ve ever seen.

Reports are that trout are biting near the surface.  The walleye have been a little slower this weekend likely because of the late ice out and cold windy weather.  Most walleye being caught are post spawn males.  In the next few days the weather will stabilize and we expect that the walleye fishing will become red hot when the post spawn females will be beginning to feed again. The suckers are now in the rivers spawning and that means that the big northerns are feasting on the suckers (their favorite food) near the flowing water.