Ignace Outposts Computing

Posted by on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 1:54 pm

LOG ON: Making the woodstove hotter
LOG OFF: Don’t add more wood
MONITOR: Keeping an eye on your rod tip
DOWNLOAD: Getting the fishing gear off the Otter
MEGA HERTZ: When you’re not careful getting into the boat
FLOPPY DISK: What you get from lifting a cooler full of beer
RAM: coming into the dock too fast
FLASH DRIVE: The ride to Ignace while anticipating your fly in trip
HARD DRIVE: Getting home after a great fishing trip
PROMPT: What makes you think about fishing in Ignace – like Brad’s blog
WINDOWS: What to shut when it’s raining
SCREEN: What to shut when it’s mosquito season
BYTE: What them dang black flies do
MEGA BYTE: What the walleyes do
CHIP: Munchies for the cabin
MICRO CHIP: What’s left in the munchie bag
INFRARED: Where the Micro chips go; Fred eats them
MODEM: What you must do to your lawns before you come to Ignace
LAP TOP: Great place to get fish slim off your hands
KEYBOARD: Where you hang the keys
SOFTWARE: Those darn plastic forks and knives
MOUSE: What tries to join you in the cabin
MAIN FRAME: Holds up the cabin roof
PORT: Fancy Wine
ENTER: Northern slang for “c’mon in y’all”
RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY: Why you can’t member what you paid for your new fishing rod when your wife asks
INTERNET: Where you want that big northern after a 20 minute fight
BACKSPACE: The upright part of the boat seat.
CABLE: The type of fishing line a rookie brings on a fly in trip
WIRELESS: The style of spectacles most men over 40 need to tie their lure to their line
BLACKBERRY: Cousin of the raspberry. Not related to the blueberry but still very tasty.
WEB: The result of not paying attention when trolling crosses one or more angler’s line.