Intro- duck-tory flight

Posted by on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 9:26 am

When learning to fly, pilots take an introductory flight to see if it is something one really wants to do.  Usually the instructor will begin with an introduction to the aircraft and its basic parts and their functions.  Then they will board the aircraft and the instructor will perform some basic manoeuvres and and let the student pilot take the controls to try his hand at controlling the aircraft.

I was a flight instructor many many moons ago and did introductory flights many times. What I never realized is that mother ducks also do what appears to be an intro-duck-tory flight.


I can just imagine her patter (narrative)  “This, kids, is a Single Otter, probably one of the best bush planes ever designed.  Amazingly it has no feathers.   It works hard turning money in a very load noise.  We enter here at the back and when your legs are long enough you can sit up front and drive…”