It is getting hard to wait

Posted by on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 11:03 am

Ice has been out for two weeks already. The earliest ever. We still have another 5 weeks or so until our first fishermen begin to show up. I am already looking forward to the first plate of fresh walleye in mid May.


Fishing walleye in the spring seems like it can be easy but in reality is challenging as well as exciting. Inlets and outlets are primary places to look for spring walleye. Flowing water warms quickly and attract walleye. Normally right after spawning, walleye get back to feeding to rebuild body reserves lost due to their physical efforts to reproduce. Areas with abundant feeding opportunities such as in flowing water and shallow dark muddy bays will attract walleye as they search out their favourite foods. Where the food is, the walleye will be also.

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Jigs and minnows as well as shallow running crankbaits will trigger aggression in feeding walleye in the spring. Walleyes will move searching for food and where they are plentiful and aggressive one day, they may not be the next. This can be challenging, but searching out habitat for bait fish and feeding areas makes spring walleye an adventure. If the fish are in a productive area they will bite. If they are not there (the action is slow), you may have to move.

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