Itchius Bitingus

Posted by on Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 11:27 am

Last night I killed my first mosquito of the year. Actually I think I sent a few dozen into the next life, but after the first I generally loose count. I have to admit that with the cold temps this spring, the first Itchius Bitingus (my own scientific sounding term for mosquitoes) caught me by surprise and nearly knocked me over when it landed. The first batch of the year seem to be of the XXXL variety.

I quickly came to my senses and with the help of a nearby spade, managed a lethal blow to its mid thorax and insured at least 3000 more eggs would not be laid.

I bring this tid bit of experience to your attention not to deter your trip but to remind you to pack two essentials – bug spray with Deet and “Pic Coils”. Bug spray is worth at least 50 red chips when playing Texas Hold’um and the Pic Coils can make the Texas Hold’um possible if you’ve left the door open too long. We have done our part as well in helping over come this flying beast. According to Wikipedia window screens, introduced in the 1880s, were called “the most humane contribution the 19th century made to the preservation of sanity and good temper.”

We have installed screens on the windows to allow fresh air and hold the biters outside.

If no one in the group remembered bug dope, or you all fail read this blog, you might want to learn the “Ignace Duck”. The Ignace Duck works really well on Black flys too!