Labour Day Labour

Posted by on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 6:03 am

Most folks get Labour Day off. Not in the outfitting business! And yes that is how it is spelt in Canada.

I have no shortage of “buddies” who are willing to help me with my camp work. Of course, they do take a moment or two to catch supper, but generally they are good workers. Since I am rather discerning about who I will spend time with in the bush, the real go-to guys are the same ones I have been hanging around with since high school and in one case well before. This allows for some familiarity, and great afterhours banter. We all seem to have different recollections, not only from foggy decades old memories but even from previous tellings of the stories.

I tried finding gremlins to manage this part of my business but they all seem to be busy working at my mom’s. It is not just spring cleaning that keeps our camps ready to go. Somebody actually does do these jobs. During the summer it is hard to find a break to get in to do this but now I can work it into my schedule.


All the pots and pans have been removed from the cupboard and washed, the cupboards washed and then pots returned.


Peter cleans up the bathroom.

We also bucked up a cord or so of firewood, cut down several trees that were threatening to fall on our cabin and managed a bunch of those little jobs that just seem to get put off during the busy season. Hilltop lake is now ready for fall fishing as well as a moose hunt.