Loaded and secure

Posted by on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 6:29 am


We are often asked what the “orange net” is for when folks look into our airplane.  It is a cargo net.  We use it to secure the loads onboard to prevent shifting and to keep the exits clear. 

Everything onboard must be secure.   Inevitably even after I ask that everything is put on the scales to be weighed and to allow the staff to load the aircraft, guys show up with pack sacks and briefcases telling me that they will hold these items.  I get strange looks when I tell passengers that we do not allow carry on bags.  We have no over-head baggage compartments, and even the major airlines don’t let you hold a packsack or computer on your lap during take off and landing. There are requirements that prevent this.  Rest assured, your bags are safe packed behind the net, and we do it for your safety. 

You can hand our crew your valuables and they will carefully stow them as required.  

In fact we actually encourage you to help load and unload the airplanes.  It is your stuff and we do not have a gorilla in a back room waiting to jump on your bags like the big airlines seem to have. 

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