Low and Over

Posted by on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 7:48 am

These birds have to be one of the most majestic in the sky. Considering they were once endangered, we do see plenty of eagles these days. One of our Metionga Lake guests from last week emailed these photos of an eagle cleaning up some fish offal.

In nature everything is part of a cycle. Any fish remains are quickly returned to the food chain.

This is why we ask our guests to depose of their fish remains on a rock rather than in the water.

This eagle does a “low and over” while picking up his supper for the night. With those talons he barely slows down and grabs a good handful for his next meal.

There is so much more to a fly in trip than filling a stinger with walleye.

Don’t forget your camera, and don’t forget to send me a photo or two.

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