Posted by on Friday, August 13, 2010 at 6:51 am

Our guests come across many interesting sites while visiting Canada.  There is certainly more to a Canadian fishing trip than just fishing.  Frank, his wife Sally, their two kids and another family make an annual Canadian Fishing trip up our way.  On the way home they stopped to spend a moment watching a mother lynx and her kits.  Sure beats a zoo to educate kids about nature. 


“On our way back to MPLS from our Canadian fishing trip, we stumbled upon a Canada Lynx along side a remote roadway.  After struggling to find a camera, Sally was able to snap a few pics.  The cat was ~20-ft outside the passenger window on a rock ledge.  We soon discovered why she was perched on the ledge; there were 2-kits between us and the female!  The kits couldn’t get up the rock face but eventually navigated around to the end of the rocks and slipped away into the woods…way too cool.
The cat was calm but certainly aware of our presence.  It was quite a privileged viewing these cats for ~1-minute.  It was amazing to see just how big and fluffy their paws are, especially on the kits.

There is no better way to see wild animals than in their natural habitat.

There is always a good reason to carry your camera while on an Ignace Outposts fishing trip.