March Madness

Posted by on Friday, March 25, 2011 at 6:35 am

For college basketball fans, March means only one thing… March Madness!


Fishermen however think of March Madness a little differently. Here are the top 10 March Madness words and their meanings to fishermen:

1) NCAA – No Complainers Allowed Anytime.

2) March Madness – A fisherman’s state of mind after having been big city bound all winter long.

3) Free throw – Putting back a trophy northern.

4) Point spread – The difference between your reading of the fish measure and your buddy’s reading of the same measure.

5) Guard – protecting your share of a shore lunch.

6) Rebound – Regaining your sanity by the anticipated relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating of your mental well-being by booking an Ignace Outpost vacation.

7) 3 point play – Landing a 44 inch plus northern, a 26 inch plus walleye and a 19 inch plus smallie all in the same day.

8) Foul – A good word to describe the smell in the cabin after a feast of walleye and beans.

9) Slam Dunk – Establishing your fishing prowess by winning the first fish, biggest fish and most fish pools

10) Tip Off – Telling all your friends about Ignace Outposts so they can enjoy a great fishing vacation too.

March is almost over and summer fishing season will be here soon.  Our last sport show is in Minneapolis MN March 30 to April 3.  If you live in the Twin Cities area stop by and see us to set up your 2011 fishing trip.  If you live elsewhere and need to get that trip booked to “rebound”, get in touch with us by email or phone.