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Posted by on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 6:23 am

Bruce Fritzsche

Mark Fritzsche

Brothers Mark and Bruce Frtizsche managed rather nice northerns while on Seseganaga last week. One fish was 47 inches and the other was 46. I don’t believe it is my place to tell which is which. There is no doubt that Seseganaga produces some great angling opportunities.

Walleye fishing has not been the greatest any any lake so far. Lots to eat and a few monsters, but just not the slam-bam action normal for June. On Hilltop Lake the walleye catching has been in 26 to 29 feet of water and on Flindt Lake in 4 to 6 feet… go figure. At least I’m getting a lot of new spots to mark up on the maps. There is no consistency yet, but once the fish are located the catching is fantastic. I expect a real turn on of walleye as temperatures begin to hit seasonal norms… soon… I hope.

Yesterday, I got out for a camps checks and had a little extra time so I managed to get a line wet in Gamble Lake. One of my suppliers, Al came along for the ride and we (meaning Al) landed 3 nice trout with several more hits and follows. Not bad for a couple of hours drifting around the lake.

Our guests at our Irene Lake beach camp reported catching a lake trout off the dock two days ago. This is off the dock behind the cabin in the little bay. Normally we catch bass there but not lake trout in mid June. Reports from the lakes are that the small mouth bass are just beginning their pre-spawn action. This is a little late but water temps are just nearing the high 50’s. I recorded 58 to 59 degrees surface temps on Gamble lake yesterday. The bass will be awesome these next few weeks.

With Karen in Vancouver visiting the grandkids, she commissioned me with one very important job – keep the tomato plants alive. In mid June this should be a no brainer. But last night was only one degree above freezing so I hope they are OK. Randy lost his tomatoes last night due to frost. That is the third time this year he has had to replace his tomatoes.

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