More trip hints

Posted by on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 8:32 am

There is not much dangerous in the woods except perhaps some inebriated partners.  Precaution and simple common sense must be taken however when on a fly in trip since help may be a long way off.  We often see fingers and other body parts impaled with fish hooks; fingers and other body parts cut with knives, the odd burn or bug bite reaction and of course some plain lousy cooking that does necessitate use of first aid.

A good First Aid Kit is something every fishing group should have with them when at camp.

Here are some ideas for a personal/group kit.

1. Hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds

2. Sterile Gauze and sterile ointment and a little tape

3. Steri-strips to use in lieu of stitches

4. An eye cup, sterile rinse and ointment for eye related injuries

5. Pain Killers

6. Antacid for stomach disorders

7.  Laxative and antidiarreal  (you never know)

8. Antihistamine, in case someone reacts to food or an insect bite

9. Toothache gel

10. Tweezers and scissors and plyers (quality ones)

11. First aid manual

12. Suntan lotion

13. Solarcaine or similar for sunburn

14. Anti-itch cream

15. rubber gloves

Pack these items in a tackle box or something similar. Assign someone in the group to be responsible for the kit and that every one knows where it is. Tape a contents list on the inside of the lid. You may want to indicate what some items are used for. The best situation is to ensure someone in the group has a current first aid certificate.

And to fill what ever space remains in your first aid box, it helps if everybody brings as much common sense as possible to actually avoid using up items in the box before they are really needed.  My personal experience is that bandaged fingers have a tougher time reeling in lunker northern or walleye than healthy fingers.