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Posted by on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 8:16 am

Bringing your camera on a fly in trip is good for more than taking pictures of your fishing partners in their underwear. Our part of the country is blessed with many types of wild life just aching to be photographed. All these pictures were taken with in days of each other in early August. The moose and loons were on Hilltop and the caribou and bear were on Seseganaga Lakes.
It is interesting how all these animals are comfortable in and around the water.

Adult and juvenile loon (I would call it a baby but Karen insists it is juvenile)

Young bull moose practicing his disappearing act before hunting season.

Loon dancing on the Hilltop creek.

Black bear moving between berry patches.

Mother and calf caribou trolling on Seseganaga Lake.

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