Most deadly sport?

Posted by on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 8:32 am

I am not sure if many who read this have seen a TV show called “MANswers“. It is definitely targeted towards the adolescent mind. Since my wife often reminds me I sometimes act adolescent, I figure I can learn some good stuff that may be useful when I grow up.

On this “educational” show, I learned that fishing is the most deadly sport.

As a matter of fact no other sport comes close.

Fishing in itself is not fatal; it is some associated activities which could be fatal. The three most common fatal activities associated with fishing are:

1) hitting submerged objects (ie. rocks, and we have lots of those in our lakes) while driving the boat too fast -hard to do with our 10 hp Mercs as long as there is only one on the boat,

2) drowning which is most likely attributable to the first and last items here as well as not wearing a life preserver,

3) and being intoxicated. Alcohol plays a large part in boating fatalities. Studies have not surprisingly shown that in most male drownings in our area the fellow has his fly open.

I am not trying to scare anyone but am trying to caution you that boating safety is not something to take lightly. By definition, safety is the mitigation of risk. Wearing a life jacket, not drinking and driving, respecting the weather and water conditions and knowing how to properly operate the motor all contribute to safety.

Ontario has strict boating rules dealing with alcohol, safety equipment and availability of life jackets. Please be aware of these laws since they are really there for your safety.

Canadian Boating Safety

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