Must be a weekend

Posted by on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 6:48 am

Yesterday we had a relatively busy day – lots of ins and outs with a busy Saturday the next day too.

Well, we manage to fly in some pretty extreme conditions but safety is our biggest concern. The extremly high winds on Friday made it a “hurry up and wait” day. Of course these winds were not forecast.


Once again the old adage “you’re better off down here wishing you were flying than flying and wishing you were down here” held true. Lots of card playing, and chatting in the office passed the time. I think a few guests even managed to stimulate the local economy as well.

We finally began to fly at around 5PM. We flew a couple of trips with each aircraft. Most groups were moved however a couple of groups were left in Ignace for the night and one group left in the bush. Our hopes were high to clear the backlog and start on Saturday’s flying this morning. The forecast last night was good for this morning. Then we awoke to fog and mist.

I again ponder the question, “How can these experts determine it will be 1 degree warmer in 50 years when they can not be even close in their guess for the next day’s weather?”

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