Posted by on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 7:53 am

Society has a funny way of thinking.

We consider sitting at a computer, often anonymously, typing away to folks we wouldn’t invite to our homes for dinner – networking. Or we call  having  hundreds of `friends` most of whom we wouldn’t know if we met on the street, networking.   We also use the term for wearing our thumbs out on a small phone making numerous short texts when one simple phone call could do the same.  It is as if we don`t really want to talk to anyone face to face anymore. 

I think of Networking as helping your partner land that lunker Northern pike or feisty Walleye. It takes a little skill, lots of personal type communication and a little cooperation.


Afterwards you can actually sit in the same room, and laugh about networking expertise or lack thereof in a face to face situation.  My experience is that this form of networking will be fondly remembered as opposed to having a beep beep or other notification that there apparently is something more important at the moment than the person you are actually with at the time.

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