Non Resident Outdoors Card Requirement for 2009

Posted by on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 7:57 am

Here is a little update about the Non-Resident Outdoors Card Program.
The program will come into effect Jan. 1/09. Similar to the requirement in place already for Canadian residents a non resident wishing to hunt or fish in Ontario will be required to have an Outdoors Card. The card will cost $9.00 and be valid for 3 years. These new requirements are part of the implementation of a new licensing automation system that takes effect 2010. The requirement for an Outdoors Card will also enhance the ability to replace lost hunting and fishing licenses and hunters will only need to show their hunter accreditation once rather than each time purchasing a hunting license. Once the paper application has been completed, the Outdoors Card will be mailed to the purchaser’s home address. The application will be part of your fishing license purchase when you fish in Ontario in 2009.