Posted by on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 6:00 am


This week was quite possibly the best of the 25 we’ve had.  Five minutes into the trip we started with a doubleheader (both 20+” Walleye), and later that evening I caught the same 36” Northern (on ultralight gear) twice in about 15 minutes – seemed just as fierce the second time around!  Two of the days we fished ourselves out of minnows.

We appreciate the continual upkeep of the facilities.  Ted was more than happy to break in the new stove.

Here are some shots of Dan’s 54” Northeye (40” Northern / 14” Walleye).  While we managed to get both into the bass net, the minnow was lost in the battle. 

Can’t wait for next year,


image002 image004 image006

Seseganaga Lake comes through again!