Off the dock

Posted by on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 5:53 am

Don has been making an annual trip to Seseganaga Lake for a few years now. This past week he was standing on the dock surveying a slice of paradise when something caught his eye. He thought it looked like a hand just breaking the surface about 30 feet off shore. With further inspection he determined it was the tail of some fish. Thinking it was a walleye he grabbed his light rod (1/4 oz jig with a twister tail on 4 lb test) and casted in the direction of the swirl.


What he thought might be a walleye turned out to be a 45 inch northern pike. His yells for help brought the others out of the cabin thinking he had hooked himself. Eventually Don worked the fish in close and it was netted, measured photo’d and released. Dennis grabbed the net and Bud grabbed the camera. Kyle did the official measurement. This was not a moment they wanted to miss.


It was a team effort. Buy the time the fish gave up the battle it had moved the guys down the shore a tad to a nice rock.


Not bad without getting into the boat. Just another tale to add to the post fishing trip get togethers.