On the road again

Posted by on Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 9:16 pm

The suburban is packed and on the road.  We are off to sport shows and I have to ponder how I can go for a month with all our gear, clothes, office equipment and 2 sport show booths and still have less “stuff” than the average guy brings on a 7 day fly in fishing trip.


Note the back seat is still up and all available space has not been used.  In fact it its not my measure of enough to just be able to close the door. 

Just a little food for thought when packing for your next trip.  Your loads will be weighed and likely not all your stuff will make the trip on your flight.  Please pack wisely and work as a group to plan your trip to avoid bringing stuff because you are thinking the others may not have it so you’ll be the quartermaster store.