One of the first

Posted by on Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 6:47 am

Many year ago, in the late 80’s we began a program of “Catch and Consume” in regard to our fisheries.  Our goal then was to preserve the fisheries under our stewardship for generations to come.  We were one of the first outfitters to implement such a program of only killing fish we would eat and returning all trophies to the water unharmed. 

Beginning in 1990 and for several years afterward, we rewarded our guests with a patch for their part in helping our conservation efforts.


A long time guest sent this photo and a note indicating how he has seen the fisheries improve on our outpost lakes over the years. We appreciate the efforts of our guests and are pleased to do our part in conservation of our precious natural resources. 

Conservation is the future of our industry.

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