Plan on some outdoor cooking

Posted by on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 7:15 am

Beginning late last summer, we have been adding new charcoal/wood BBQ park style grills at our camps.  These new grills work fabulously with either a bed of wood coals or BBQ briquettes.  The guys who have used them rave about the natural woodsy flavour they impart to your ribs, chicken or steaks.  To make the outdoor cooking a little more convenient, Joe built a cook shelter at our West Bay cabin on Seseganaga Lake.


The shelter is handy to the front of the cabin, and we have moved the fish fryer there too.  We are phasing out the gas grills so plan on using the park style grills for your outdoor culinary efforts.  Even though the grills will use either wood or charcoal, the wood at the camp make the meat taste best and it doesn’t have to be flown in so it won’t add to your weight.  Remember we do have weight limits and we do weigh loads.


This shelter is a prototype.  As we fine tune the design with some use, we will add them to other camps as well.