Posted by on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 12:07 pm

While many of our competitors are pulling in the reigns, we keep investing in our business.  There things in the fly in fishing business that are almost as important as the fish.  Unlike some in our industry charging more and giving less, we have held our rates and strive to give more.

Top of the line equipment makes a day in the boat a pleasure as opposed to a chore.  To keep Ignace Outposts position as a leader rather than a follower, we continue with upgrades, even when times are tough.  We are sure that as things begin to settle in the world economic situation, our company will be standing tall as the premier fly in fishing destination in the northwest part of Ontario.

Yesterday Randy and  I ventured to Thunder Bay to pick up 22 new Mercury outboard motors for our camps.  Putting money back into what makes out trips so desirable – time on the water – is what makes us stand out from the pack. 

If you haven’t decided on your 2011 fly in trip yet, check us out.  Ignace Outposts is not here for the short term.  25 years of exceeding expectations is history.  We are now working on the next 25 years.

Give us a look – Ignace Outposts


10 outboards in the Suburban and 12 on the trailer.  Loaded and off to Ignace. 


Unloaded and ready to go fishing when ice is out.