Rescue Mission

Posted by on Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 7:55 am

From the “I thought I’d seen everything” file.

Last weekend at Irene Lake, a seagull came right to the boat and grabbed a hook set being rigged for lake trout. The seagull flew off with a good length of fishing line and a hook and minnow in its mouth. Perhaps sensing this was not a good situation to be in, the seagull flew across the lake to our cabin where Karen and a few others happened to be. Karen grabbed the camera so I wouldn’t have to draw pictures again, and Brad Cowan grabbed the fishing line and pulled the bird to himself. He took hold of the bird, released the hook and let him go. Catch and release birding I guess. The seagull seemed none the worse for wear and flew off to harass another boat.

All in a day at an outpost.

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