Seseganaga Slam

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Seseganaga Lake is and has been one of our best producing lakes. Over the years, our repeat list of guests grows continually. Once you are “hooked” on Seseganaga, it is hard to get away to another lake. Bill Heston and his dad as well as the rest of their group of 7 to 8 have been regularly coming to Seseganaga for about 18 years. There is a good reason for that.

Fishing isn’t always about catching the biggest or the most. Fishing a variety and challenging your skill and luck against the elements, your group and seasonal variations makes this a sport that you can develop for years. This is not a sport you can enjoy in front of a computer or TV. Wii doesn’t even come close to the real thing.

A note from Bill Heston. A Seseganaga Slam in his own words.

Brad, Karen, & Crew,

Thanks for another great trip. Here are some pictures of my Seseganaga Slam last Tuesday.

We rolled up on a spot and I got the 25″ Walleye on the first cast. Caught the 27″ Northern about an hour later, then followed up with the 26″ Walleye right before lunch. Decided to try for the laker later in the day, but forgot my laker rod, so with the combination of the wind and bumping the motor, I got a little walleye spinner down to 35′ and up comes the 28″
laker. What a day!

At least it wasn’t a hammer handle Northern to complete the slam. I threw in the 35″ Northern, caught in a torrential downpour on Thursday, for effect.

Even though it was windy, rainy and cold we were all still able to catch several good sized fish. I caught at least 10 20″+ walleye.

It may take me until Monday a work to thaw out.


Bill Heston

38 inch Northern

27 inch northern

28 inch Laker

26 inch walleye

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