Seseganaga Trout Fishing report

Posted by on Monday, August 3, 2009 at 7:47 am

Atlanta is a long way from Seseganaga Lake but as Phil reports from his annual trip, these lakers are worth the travel.




“Here is the second Laker I caught.  It is a twin of the first…about a half inch difference.  ~ 33” each.  I caught them both inside of 10 minutes of each other on our last day on the lake.  Fish on steroids!  Wow what a fight.  I was shaking like a leaf after these two guys were in the boat.  The water was very high this year in June but our party still managed to catch lots of fish and among them we boated a very large northern 40s, several very nice 25” walleye and these two 33” Lakers.   Another great trip. Thanks.”   Phil

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