Show Season

Posted by on Monday, January 4, 2010 at 8:29 am

January is back to the grind time for us at Ignace Outposts. We’ve had a nice break through the holidays visiting kids and spending time with the grandkids. Now it is time to focus on 2010. We head off to sport shows in a few days. We’ve picked some great shows to attend. We encourage you to stop by one of the shows listed and talk to us about spending your vacation with us. We attend these shows so you can get to know us better and see us on your turf. We always look forward to seeing old (meaning regular) guests and friends but are excited to meet new guests face to face. We will have plenty of photos and information to excite you about your 2010 Ignace Outposts vacation. We do carry our booking calendar so we can check availabilities based on your vacation time.

While we are on the show circuit, we are available by both phone and email. Feel free to contact us.

If we are in your area, please stop by a show and we’ll “talk fishing”.

We’ve been doing this for a while…


This goes back to our early years! Notice the lack of grey hairs, and before my mother-in-law points it out … the abundance of hair, and check out the baby blue antique landline phone.

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