Spring ritual

Posted by on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Every year before the props can turn, the pilots have to be re-trained in aircraft operations, government regulations and other various items of particular interest to pilots and the safe air transportation of our guests.  Even though between them they have almost 3/4 of a century in aviation, Randy and Brad have been burning the oil so to speak.  Karen says not only can she smell their winter dormant brain cells being pushed to their max, she also thinks they  look intelligent pouring over the books.  The later is a skill Brad mastered in University. 


Many may think the life of a bush pilot is one of “just get in and drive!”.  In actuality, any professional pilot is required to  move a lot of paper.  This annual training takes days.  The goal is to be as safe and up to snuff as possible.  Even old timers can learn a thing or two now and then. 

As they wait for ice out they will be ready for the actual recurrent flight training which will be done in a day or so once the aircraft are in the water.   They have to be sharp behind the controls too.  Book smarts is only part of the equation.