Stay within the weight limits

Posted by on Friday, November 28, 2008 at 8:05 am

We have been pleased with our guests that have cut back on “extra” stuff when packing for their Ignace Outposts fishing trip. Similar to the major airlines, weight is an major cost issue when transporting by air.

Just for information; American Airlines charges $15 for the first checked bag, under 50 pounds, and $25 for the second bag. Bags between 51 and 70 pounds cost $50. Bags over 70 pounds cost $100. Unlike the major airlines, we don’t have a per bag fee. We do have weight limits however.

We allow 100 lbs per person as part of your package. This is very reasonable and more than many of our competitors. It does require a little planning to reduce weight to 100 lbs if you are not careful with planning. To help in the planning, I came across this handy little device. It can be used for your airline flying too. Luggage Scale

Most luggage stores carry something similar too.

Why not add this device to your Christmas wish list.